Eyes Wide Open

With eyes wide open and a heart completely whole, you walked out into the light.

You didn’t know. You were young. You were naive.

You were vulnerable enough to think that warmth was given as a right, and everyone was so deserving - that they deserved more and you deserved more, and we could all give a little more.

You were intelligent, but foolish to tell yourself that cloudless skies were a constant, that love was a permanence, and good can happen in an instant.

You saw everything but you knew absolutely nothing.

You saw the sea and you thought of water. Rain fell and you missed the thunder. Night hit and you never started to wonder. You lived a 2-dimensional life and called your breaths “living life to the fullest.”

Your mind let you believe in the “what could have beens” rather than the soon-to-be regrets clenched in your fists. You allowed it.

You let lightness blind you. You let it consume your sight.

That’s what happens when you blindly keep your eyes wide open.


With particles of your heart in the wrong hands and dilated pupils, you walked into the dark.

This time, your eyes saw the scarring, the burns, the truth behind the veil of lies he covered you in.

He was cunning. He was destructive. He was vicious.

He looked at you with eyes wide open and said it would be alright. He said it would be fine until it wasn’t okay at all. He made you look in the mirror and see a waning disaster, in shackles, bounded to his ego.

He said everything you wanted to hear but he meant none of it.

Now, you drown in the water and cry to be seen. Rain falls and you wish to be cleaned. Night hits and you wish your thoughts could set you free. But all you can do is let them swallow you whole like demons that feed of joy to survive.

You stop wishing for the “should have beens” and let go of your hope wrapped in the bittersweet memories of your ex-lover. You let it go.

You give in to the pain you once refused to acknowledge.

This is what you see when you truly keep your eyes wide opened.