Petrichor is the Smell After Rain

Do you ever think about what makes you, you? The experiences—the moments, the conversations, people you meet, the stories you hear, the words you say, and the places you’ve been—they’ve all led you here. They have taken parts of you and they have given you opportunities, inspiration, and motivation to be who you are.

I think of it this way: Everyone is a seed in this world. We are seeds surrounded by many other seeds, unsure of what we are going to grow into. Sunflowers? Roses? Dandelions? Fruits? Trees? Weed? There are many different outcomes, but we all need nutrients from soil, correct temperature, and water. However, this does not blend us together, we still own our individuality. Over time, we continue to grow, each of us experiencing the same events differently. We absorb our surroundings. We are influenced by the weather. We take on obstacles and fail many times, but we also succeed. And when we blossom, we flourish into ourselves.

Everyone has hardships, stories that will force you to stay up at night, or ones that will warm your heart. We are made of our individual films. We are our long walks down memory lane. We hold the key to our libraries. Sometimes you wish you could reach out and press pause, other times you wish you could sprint down the road.

I say—own it. You must own your stories to survive in your skin, to love your crevices and dark spots, to compliment your own mind and be satisfied and gain pure happiness.

There is a word in the english dictionary:


a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

This can mean two things—that after a heavy storm, there is a sense of comfort that reminds you the rain doesn’t last forever, or, that after a long drought there will be eventually be water, and this smell solidifies that life keeps going.